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A Royal Flush has partnered with an Advanced Cleaning Solution Company in creating an advanced cleaning solution that is a sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer all in one.

Advanced portable restroom care and cleanliness is of high importance in keeping our families, employees, workers, and the public safe. Portable bathrooms and restroom trailer require specialized cleaning and maintenance in order to eliminate germs and maintain a safe environment.

The Advanced Cleaning Solution combines products that are commonly used to clean, disinfect, and sanitize hospital rooms and food preparation facilities, and is now available as an Advanced Cleaning Solution for all portable restrooms and toilet trailers.

The disinfectant solution is a quaternary based disinfectant formulated to destroy pathogenic and odor causing bacteria and viruses, remove waste and soils and leave natural digesters behind for residual control. Combined with a germicidal cleaner that is a disinfectant, sanitizer, algaecide and deodorizer designed to clean hospital rooms.

The Advanced Cleaning Solution follows a step-by-step process to provide advanced deep cleaning and a disinfectant solution to all porta potties and restroom trailers located outdoors.

The Steps our Service Technician Follows:
The outside door and all interior walls and surfaces are sprayed down with water.
The foam based Advanced Cleaning Solution is sprayed on with a special applicator to the outside door, interior door and walls, ceiling, floor, toilet area and urinal for comprehensive coverage and coating.
The Advanced Cleaning Solution requires several minutes for deep cleaning and to disinfect the surface area.
The Service Technician uses a long brush to scrub the cleaning solution into all walls and surfaces for a maximum clean.
After several minutes the Service Technician washes down the surfaces and walls with water.
All Service Technicians wear full body coverage uniforms, gloves, masks and protective eye wear to ensure their safety during the deep cleaning process.

The Advanced Cleaning Service is recommended for all portable toilet and restroom trailer rentals. It is available in addition to our standard portable toilet and bathroom trailer Precision Service Plan.

The Advanced Cleaning Solution is a way to help protect your employees, the public and your family from germs and bacteria.

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