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Our Product Offering

A Royal Flush provides an extensive range of best-in-class portable restroom, bathroom trailers, and handwashing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated team of specialists will curate a restroom solution that is perfect for your eventconstruction site, or project, and backed by our Precision Service Plan. With over 30 years of experience in the portable restroom and toilet trailer industry, you can rely on our family-owned and operated business to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to speak with a service specialist.

Restroom Trailers

A Royal Flush’s Luxury and VIP restroom trailers provide you and your guests with
an elevated restroom experience.

Premiere Trailers Series >

Our Premiere Series Restroom Trailers is a new collection of elevated restroom trailers specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end events and weddings.

Restroom Trailer 8ft >

The 8FT Restroom Trailer features a modern interior, elevated fixtures and a space friendly design, making it the perfect choice for small events and gatherings.
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 9ft >

The new 9FT Restroom Trailer provides a luxurious restroom experience that will wow your guests.

Restroom Trailer 10ft >

The 10FT Premiere Trailers showcase a neutral interior color palette and luxurious features like hardwood floors, chair railing, wood-trimmed mirrors, vanity countertops and premium product dispensers.
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 12ft >

The exceptional 12FT Restroom Trailer provides a deluxe experience that rivals interior restrooms. The 12FT trailer features four private unisex facilities…
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 14ft >

The impressive 14FT Restroom Trailer provides a luxurious experience that rivals interior restrooms. The 14FT trailer features full women’s and men’s facilities, with full length doors…
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 15ft >

The elegant 15FT Restroom Trailer provides a refined experience that rivals interior restrooms.

Restroom Trailer 16ft >

The popular 16FT Restroom Trailer has a bright interior design, multiple stalls, and additional amenities for an elevated experience that rivals that of interior restrooms.

Restroom Trailer 20ft >

The 20FT Restroom Trailer has a spacious interior and multiple stalls to accommodate large gatherings and on-site projects.

Restroom Trailer 24ft >

The luxurious 24FT Restroom Trailer is the perfect complement to your outdoor event and is guaranteed to impress your guests with its elevated fixtures and modern interior design.

Restroom Trailer 28ft >

The 28FT Restroom Trailer is the perfect choice for large-scale events. This trailer has an upscale restroom design, high-quality fixtures and the capacity to accommodate up to 250 guests.
New Arrival

ADA Restroom Trailer >

The refined ADA Restroom Trailer provides a safe and comfortable experience with regulation compliant but luxurious features.

Portable Restrooms

Our first-class equipment and reliable service is available for
everything from small and large-scale events to construction sites and residential projects.

VIP Flushing Toilet >

Our VIP Flushing Toilet offers an elevated level of comfort and convenience for guests with …

Standard Portable Toilet >

Our Standard Portable Toilet is the most popular solution for construction and large-scale events.

Event Portable Toilet >

Our Event Portable Toilet is the most popular solution for small and large-scale events.

Standard Unit With Hook >

All the amenities of our Standard Portable Toilet with the addition of a crane hook that allows for easy lifting to high floors on a construction site.

High-Rise Portable Toilet >

The easy-to-maneuver High-Rise Portable Toilet is ideal for construction projects that require unit mobility and placement on higher floors.

Private Rollaway Restroom >

Our Private Rollaway Restroom is equipped with a retractable roof that provides privacy for users who are working on lower floors of a commercial project

Handicap Portable Toilet >

With grab bars to aid in navigation, the unit has the correct dimensions to accommodate wheelchairs and other handicap needs for portable restrooms.

Hand Washing & Sanitizing Products

Our Hand Washing and Sanitizing Stations are the perfect solution for any site or event where water access is unavailable.

Small Washing Stations >

Small Washing Stations provide a multi-user design and easy mobility for Healthy Hand Hygiene needs.

Large Hand Washing Stations >

Large Hand Washing Stations provide a multi-user design and easy solution for healthy hand hygiene. Our Hand Washing Stations are the perfect complement to any site or event where water access is unavailable.

Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand >

Our Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand, with a study all-weather steel design, promotes cleanliness and safety and is fabricated…

Indoor Hand Sanitizer Stand >

Our Indoor Hand Sanitizer Stand is perfect for offices, retail locations, restaurants, storefronts, public use businesses…

Desktop Hand Sanitizer Stand >

Our Desktop Hand Sanitizer Stand promotes cleanliness and safety, and is designed for convenient desktop or counter…

Additional Products and Services

Elevated interior packages, restroom attendants to ensure cleanliness and comfort, and additional services that provide impeccable sanitation are all part of what we offer.

Restroom Attendants >

The Restroom Attendant service ensures that your VIP Restroom Trailer or Portable Restroom Rental is kept well-stocked, clean and hygienic for the duration of your project.

Advanced Cleaning Solution >

A Royal Flush has partnered with an Advanced Cleaning Solution Company in creating an advanced cleaning solution that is a sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer all in one.

Tank Pumping >

A Royal Flush provides on site tank pumping options for your convenience and piece of mind.

Holding Tanks >

We offer Freshwater Tanks and Waste Holding Tanks that are perfect for construction site office trailers and event caterers.

Generators >

Portable Restroom Trailers require an electrical hook-up and ample electric to run properly.

Potable Water System >

The Potable Water System is perfect for construction trailers to enable running water by connecting directly to your existing faucet.

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