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At A Royal Flush, we are committed to sustainability and green practices in everything we do, both in the field and in the workplace. We strive to minimize our footprint and be an industry leader in supporting green initiatives.

We use environmentally safe, biodegradable chemicals
We use 100% recycled paper products
Our fleet is comprised of low-emission vehicles
We utilize equipment with the highest recycled plastic content
We offer a paperless billing option
We reduce, reuse, and recycle
Reliable Service

We offer the most dependable, punctual and efficient service in the industry. Our fleet is optimized to deliver exceptional service, from pick-up to drop-off, 7 days a week. This will allow you to focus on your event or project — not on your restroom delivery.

26-Year industry leader

We have been an industry leader for 26+ years and have the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle projects big and small. We are the undisputed go-to resource for portable restrooms for clients throughout the Northeast.

Environmentally responsible

We’re committed to sustainability and green practices in everything we do. We use environmentally safe, biodegradable chemicals, 100% recycled paper products, low-emission vehicles and equipment with the highest recycled plastic content.

Superior Cleanliness standards

Delivered in spotless and sterile condition, our restroom rentals are kept hygienic and clean throughout your rental period by our skilled service technicians, who follow our Precision Service Plan. Cleanliness should never be a concern — we guarantee it.

First-Class Equipment

With more than 10,000 portable toilets, 60 restroom trailers and 80 service trucks, our fleet is one of the largest in the industry. Our cutting-edge technology and broad inventory help us meet the needs of any size event or construction project.

Safety First

From driving and navigation to equipment handling and disposal methods, our team of highly trained professionals adheres to specific procedures to ensure safety is a top priority.

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