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Movie and television production sets often require unique and specialized portable restroom trailers and restroom services to meet the needs of the location and crew. We pride ourselves in being the go-to resource for entertainment industry remote sites in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Family-owned and operated for more than 29 years, our ownership team proudly includes a woman for the first time in it’s lengthy history, as well as three generations of Marine Corps Veterans and members of the LGBTQ community.

Experience & Knowledge
Experience & Knowledge
Specialized service requests are no issue
We customize restrooms or trailers to the scope of set or location
Efficient service ensured by professional set-up
First-Class Equipment
First-Class Equipment
Luxurious toilet trailers in many sizes
Attendant services available by request
Improved hygienic conditions with fresh-water sinks
Dedicated Specialist
Dedicated Specialist
Representative on call 24/7 to respond to concerns
Customized site analysis to ensure effective service
Regular checks on supplies and sanitary conditions

Our Premiere Series Restroom Trailers is a new collection of elevated restroom trailers specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end events and weddings.

The 8FT Restroom Trailer features a modern interior, elevated fixtures and a space friendly design, making it the perfect choice for small events and gatherings.

The exceptional 12FT Restroom Trailer provides a deluxe experience that rivals interior restrooms.

The impressive 14FT Restroom Trailer provides a luxurious experience that rivals interior restrooms.

The elegant 15FT Restroom Trailer provides a refined experience that rivals interior restrooms.

The popular 16FT Bathroom Trailer has a bright interior design, multiple stalls, and additional amenities, for an elevated experience that rivals that of interior restrooms.

The 20FT Toilet Trailer has a spacious interior and multiple stalls to accommodate large gatherings and on-site projects.

The luxurious 24FT Restroom Trailer is the perfect complement to your outdoor event and is guaranteed to impress your guests with its elevated and modern interior design and fixtures.

The premiere 28FT Restroom Trailer is the perfect choice for large-scale events. The bathroom trailer has an upscale restroom design, high quality fixtures and the capacity to accommodates up to 250 guests.

The refined ADA Restroom Trailer provides a safe and comfortable experience with regulation compliant but luxurious features.

Our VIP Flushing Toilet offers an elevated level of comfort and convenience for guests with a more spacious interior and hands-free flushing via a foot pump and a hidden waste tank.

Our Event Portable Toilet is the most popular solution for small and large scale events.

Our Handicap Portable Toilet offers a spacious interior and grab bars to accommodate wheelchairs and other handicap portable restroom needs.

This free standing sink features two wash stations. It’s equipped with foot operated pumps enabling a “hands free” approach to washing.

Small Washing Stations provide a multi-user design and easy mobility for Healthy Hand Hygiene needs.

Our Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand, with a study all-weather steel design,  promotes cleanliness and safety and is fabricated…

Our Indoor Hand Sanitizer Stand is perfect for offices, retail locations, restaurants, storefronts, public use businesses…

We offer Fresh Water Tanks and Waste Holding Tanks that are perfect for construction site office trailers and event caterers.

A Royal Flush provides a full range of portable restroom services to make sure your event is extra special and worry free.

The Advanced Cleaning System is a deep cleaning system utilizing a high-powered cleaning solution developed to kill viruses.

A Royal Flush has developed the Advanced Sanitizing Program to be paired with our Precision Service Plan for all active-use portable restrooms.

Our Trash Box is perfect for all events. Its space-saving and environmentally friendly design promotes proper disposal of trash and adds to the overall sanitation plan of your event.

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