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Park & Municipality Portable Bathroom Services

Parks, municipalities, and recreation sites require a variety of portable restroom and toilet trailer solutions, all of which can be provided by our family-owned and operated company. We offer first-class bathroom equipment, maintain hygienic and sanitary conditions with regular cleaning and pumping, and guarantee cost-effective pricing for all products.

Reliable Service
Reliable Service
On time deliveries and pickups
Support if needed every day of the year
Regular pumping and cleaning schedules
Safety & Cleanliness
Safety & Cleanliness
We use environmentally safe, biodegradable chemicals
Portable restrooms thoroughly sanitized upon delivery
Advanced cleaning programs available
Cost-Effective Pricing
Cost-Effective Pricing
Best cost-to-service ratio in Northeast
Account managed by a dedicated service representative
Regular maintenance keeps costs down

Portable Bathroom & Hand Washing Options

We provide a large range of portable restroom equipment and services for municipalities, parks and recreation sites.

Standard Portable Toilet >

Our Standard Portable Toilet is the most popular solution for construction and large-scale events.

Handicap Portable Toilet >

With grab bars to aid in navigation, the unit has the correct dimensions to accommodate wheelchairs and other handicap needs for portable restrooms.

VIP Flushing Toilet >

Our VIP Flushing Toilet offers an elevated level of comfort and convenience for guests with …

Small Washing Stations >

Small Washing Stations provide a multi-user design and easy mobility for Healthy Hand Hygiene needs.

Large Hand Washing Stations >

Large Hand Washing Stations provide a multi-user design and easy solution for healthy hand hygiene. Our Hand Washing Stations are the perfect complement to any site or event where water access is unavailable.

Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand >

Our Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand, with a study all-weather steel design, promotes cleanliness and safety and is fabricated…

Restroom Trailer 8ft >

The 8FT Restroom Trailer features a modern interior, elevated fixtures and a space friendly design, making it the perfect choice for small events and gatherings.
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 9ft >

The new 9FT Restroom Trailer provides a luxurious restroom experience that will wow your guests.

Premier Trailer 10ft >

The 10FT Premier Trailers showcase a neutral interior color palette and luxurious features like hardwood floors, chair railing, wood-trimmed mirrors, vanity countertops and premium product dispensers.
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 12ft >

The exceptional 12FT Restroom Trailer provides a deluxe experience that rivals interior restrooms. The 12FT trailer features four private unisex facilities…
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 14ft >

The impressive 14FT Restroom Trailer provides a luxurious experience that rivals interior restrooms. The 14FT trailer features full women’s and men’s facilities, with full length doors…
New Arrival

Restroom Trailer 15ft >

The elegant 15FT Restroom Trailer provides a refined experience that rivals interior restrooms.

Restroom Trailer 16ft >

The popular 16FT Restroom Trailer has a bright interior design, multiple stalls, and additional amenities for an elevated experience that rivals that of interior restrooms.

Restroom Trailer 20ft >

The 20FT Restroom Trailer has a spacious interior and multiple stalls to accommodate large gatherings and on-site projects.

Premier Trailer 24ft >

The 24FT Premier Trailer offers a spacious and elegant restroom experience for your guests. This bathroom trailer will accommodate up to 200 guests.

Restroom Trailer 24ft >

The luxurious 24FT Restroom Trailer is the perfect complement to your outdoor event and is guaranteed to impress your guests with its elevated fixtures and modern interior design.

Premier Trailer 28ft >

The 28FT Premier Restroom Trailer offers a spacious and superior restroom experience for your guests. This bathroom trailer can accommodate up to 250 guests at an event.

Restroom Trailer 28ft >

The 28FT Restroom Trailer is the perfect choice for large-scale events. This trailer has an upscale restroom design, high-quality fixtures and the capacity to accommodate up to 250 guests.
New Arrival

ADA Restroom Trailer >

The refined ADA Restroom Trailer provides a safe and comfortable experience with regulation compliant but luxurious features.
New Arrival

Generators >

Portable Restroom Trailers require an electrical hook-up and ample electric to run properly.

Holding Tanks >

We offer Freshwater Tanks and Waste Holding Tanks that are perfect for construction site office trailers and event caterers.

Advanced Cleaning Solution >

A Royal Flush has partnered with an Advanced Cleaning Solution Company in creating an advanced cleaning solution that is a sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer all in one.

Additional Services >

The Restroom Attendant service ensures that your VIP Restroom Trailer or Portable Restroom Rental is kept well-stocked, clean and hygienic for the duration of your project.
What Our Clients Are Saying
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Amazing customer service! It’s not always easy finding a portable toilet rental company that is so attentive and reliable. A Royal Flush is our go-to for town events – we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from residents! Very pleased.

What Our Clients Are Saying
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A Royal Flush is a really great company. They were on time–they delivered our units and came back to pick them up at the time we specified. I appreciate their service and the pleasantness of their drivers. I would recommend this company to all of my friends.


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