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Our handwashing stations and hand sanitizer stands are built with a multi-user design for ease of use and accessibility for all. They promote hygiene and cleanliness, and have become a necessity at most events and projects for the safety of attendants and employees alike.

Our Hand Washing stations are available in several different options, along with our Hand Sanitizer Stands that are light and portable, ensuring that any outdoor can be well equipped.

Small Washing Stations provide a multi-user design and easy mobility for Healthy Hand Hygiene needs.

This free-standing sink features two wash stations and is equipped with foot-operated pumps enabling a “hands free” approach to washing.

Our Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand, with a study all-weather steel design,  promotes cleanliness and safety and is fabricated…

Our Indoor Hand Sanitizer Stand is perfect for offices, retail locations, restaurants, storefronts, public use businesses…

Our Desktop Hand Sanitizer Stand promotes cleanliness and safety, and is designed for convenient desktop or counter…

We offer Freshwater Tanks and Waste Holding Tanks that are perfect for construction site office trailers and event caterers.

The Advanced Cleaning System is a deep cleaning system utilizing a high-powered cleaning solution developed to kill viruses.

A Royal Flush has developed the Advanced Sanitizing Program to be paired with our Precision Service Plan for all active-use portable restrooms.

A Royal Flush provides a full range of portable restroom services to make sure your event is extra special and worry free.

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Portable Hand Washing Station Rentals: What to Look For

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The importance of keeping your hands clean and germ free

The importance of keeping your hands clean and germ free

With the outbreak of the flu and concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, it is imperative that we all...
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