A Royal Flush Services the Northeast: CT, NY, NJ, MA, PA, DA


Delivered in spotless and sterile condition, our restroom rentals are kept hygienic and clean throughout the duration of your service by our skilled Service Technicians following our Precision Service Plan. Cleanliness should never be a concern–and we make sure of it.

Every truck is required to be stocked with blue deodorizer, urinal blocks, hand sanitizer, pink soap, toilet paper, paper towels, graffiti remover, rags, spray bottle with urinal cleaner, a spray bottle with degreaser and a squeegee always.
It’s also essential for our trucks to always have date stickers, unit blocked tags, pens, and a black sharpie in the truck.
Our drivers’ safety is key, which is why we require our drivers to have their yellow vest on over our company uniform with their work boots on always, safety glasses at every service, hard hats at every construction site, and Bluetooth headset while driving.
Inventory unit and record the date of service
Pump out all waste from the holding tank until empty
Use disinfectant cleaners to scrub all surfaces and facilities inside the unit
Record any exterior/interior damages and repair accordingly and immediately (Follow up with supervisor if necessary)
Remove any graffiti with graffiti remover if possible and document what cannot be removed
Wash and rinse the exterior of the unit, as well as the holding tank
Re-pump remaining liquid inside the holding tank, and fill with 2 gallons of water
Place one blue deodorizing tablet inside the tank (For VIP Units, place 2 tablets)
Refresh toilet seats/areas and wipe down accordingly
Replenish all products such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer (if stated in route sheet)
Store and secure all supplies and equipment
Assess job site for potential need of extra units/services to better meet the needs of the client and record in route sheet
If any units are severely damaged, record in route sheet and inform dispatch that an exchange needs to be done
In the event of a safety or accessibility issue, drivers will photograph the issue with pictures and report them to dispatch
Provide dispatch with the site number and the problem that needs to be addressed
Remain on-site until dispatch resolves the situation with the clients and informs the drivers and how they should proceed
Document all pictures and notes into the system

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