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Company History:

In 1992, five friends from Connecticut teamed up to create a portable restroom business with 400 units and one mission in mind: to offer high quality services and products, and exceptional customer support.

Twenty-nine years later, A Royal Flush (ARF) has grown to become one of the leading portable restroom and toilet trailer rental companies in the Northeast, and is proud to be a family owned and operated business. ARF uses its fleet of more than 10,000 portable toilets, 60 restroom trailers, and 80 trucks to service New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts in everything from concerts and sporting events to construction sites and municipal projects.

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About A Royal Flush:

For the past twenty-nine years, A Royal Flush has committed itself to delivering a superior customer service experience, by providing cutting-edge equipment and reliable, cost-effective services to clients throughout the Northeast. As the leading portable restroom and toilet trailer company in the region, ARF prides itself on being able to adapt its service offering to meet the needs of clients both big and small, while providing unmatched customer service from its knowledge and experienced team of professionals.

Our Philosophy:

With emphasis on safety, sustainability and service, ARF believes in providing a hands-on approach to its clients, always assuring a high-level of support and customer satisfaction. Since 1992, the ARF philosophy has always been to not just meet its clients’ expectations, but to exceed them. You can rely on ARF!

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Our Clients:

A Royal Flush offers a wide variety of services to clients in Connecticut, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, western Massachusetts and most of New York.

Events: Concerts and festivals, fundraisers, weddings, residential parties, sporting events, film and production sets.

Construction & Municipalities: Short-term and long-term projects, large- and small-scale sites, commercial and residential jobs, parks and recreation sites, sports fields, government sites and emergency services.

What Makes Our Team Exceptional


You can rely on us!

Our clients confidently choose us because we always get the job done. Punctuality and efficiency are always at the forefront of every project.


We make it happen!

We know that no two projects are alike. That's why we are expertly trained and knowledgeable in creating customized experiences tailored to the specific needs of each and every unique client and event.


We are here for you!

We champion customer service 7 days a week. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable approach puts our clients at ease-and sets us apart from our competitors.


We exceed expectations!

For more than three decades, our philosophy always has and always will be to exceed expectations-both our clients and our own.


We take our commitments seriously!

Our commitment to excellence drives everything we do. From unmatched safety and customer service to eco-friendly products and practices, we're dedicated to being a best-in-class resource in the industry.


We have pride in all we do!

We maintain composure, communication and collaboration in everything we do. We respect ourselves, our fellow team members, and our clients.

Our military family

Supports American Veterans

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