Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many portable toilets do I need?
  • Construction Site: OSHA recommends one toilet for every 10 men/women over a 40 hour work week. The addition of sub-contractors or overtime will affect the quality of the service attainable per toilet.

    Event Site: One toilet for every 50 people attending an event. If access is limited to certain times of the day, such as intermission at a concert, lines may require a smaller ratio.

  • Where can a portable toilet be placed on a yard or job site?
  • We must be able to park a truck 15′ from the toilet in able to pump it clean. A full toilet cannot be moved manually.

  • Do they have lighting?
  • Portable toilets were designed for spaces without power or water. However, a “tap” light will do for a short time period. Ask your rep about this.

  • What happens if the unit is damaged on my property?
  • A Royal Flush offers a damage waiver program to our customers. This limits liability for theft, vandalism and accidental damage to the facilities we furnish. This is an option to our customers for their protection. It is not part of the rental agreement